High Point Class of 1966, 50th Reunion

Updates and Preferences


As we prepare for our 50th Reunion, we are trying to gather information about people. The most important information that we need to gather is how to contact you, so please make sure you include a working email address and a current postal address so we will be able to send you updates.

The reunion will be the weekend of September 16-18 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda.

We promise that we will not give any of this information to anyone outside the Reunion Committee.

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Help us find your classmates

Do you know of anyone in our class who is deceased? If you are sure, we can stop looking for them.

Do you know how to reach anyone that you believe we haven't found? Providing their name, email, and/or address would be great.

Tell us your preferences
Likelihood of attending an event at the reunion September 16-18, 2016 High      Uncertain      Low
Probable number of guests (including yourself)
I plan to attend the pizza party on Friday Sep 16 at 6:30pm Yes      No
I plan to attend the breakfast with presentations Saturday Sep 17 at 10:00am Yes      No
I plan to attend the dinner/dance Saturday Sep 17 at 6:00pm Yes      No
I plan to attend the picnic Sunday Sep 18 at 1:00pm Yes      No
I would like to volunteer my time to help make this reunion special! Yes      No
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